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Technical Help

Technical Help

1. Response time and service level agreement: Technical support usually sets response time targets to ensure that customers can receive a timely response when a failure occurs.

2. Professional technical support team: The technical support team is usually composed of experienced engineers and technical experts. They have in-depth product knowledge and application experience and can quickly diagnose problems and provide accurate solutions.

3. Remote diagnostic and support tools: Technical support teams may use remote diagnostic and support tools, such as remote desktop software or remote monitoring systems, to remotely access equipment and perform troubleshooting.

4. Continuous technical training: In order to maintain the professional level and understanding of the product of the technical support team, the company usually conducts technical training and updates regularly. This ensures that the technical support team can keep up with new technologies and product improvements and provide customers with the latest technical support.

5. Customer feedback and improvement: The technical support team will actively collect customer feedback and suggestions and regard them as an important basis for improving technical support services. Continuously improve service quality and meet customer needs.

6. Regular maintenance and upkeep plans: The technical support team can work with customers to develop regular maintenance and upkeep plans to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, including equipment inspection, lubrication, cleaning and parts replacement.

After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service

1. Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting: Provide equipment maintenance services, including troubleshooting, repair, replacement of parts, etc. Ensure equipment can operate normally and resume customer production as soon as possible.

2. Remote technical support: Provide customers with equipment fault diagnosis and technical support through telephone, email or remote connection. Help customers solve problems during equipment use and reduce downtime.

3. After-sales training: Provide training on equipment operation, maintenance and upkeep to ensure that customer operators can use and maintain the equipment correctly and extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Spare parts supply and management: Provide original spare parts supply to ensure that customers can obtain the required parts in a timely manner. At the same time, we can provide spare parts management suggestions to help customers optimize spare parts inventory and management costs.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance: Provide regular equipment inspection and maintenance services according to customer needs and equipment usage. Ensure equipment is in good working order and reduce the risk of failure.

6. Equipment upgrades and modifications: Provide equipment upgrades and modification plans based on customer needs and technological development. Help customers improve equipment performance, adapt to new process requirements or achieve higher production efficiency.

7. After-sales research and feedback collection: Maintain close communication with customers, conduct after-sales research, and collect customer feedback and suggestions. Continuously improve after-sales service and product quality by understanding customer needs and opinions.

8. Emergency response service: Provide rapid response and support in customer emergencies. Ensure equipment failures and issues are dealt with promptly to minimize production disruptions.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

1. Warranty period: The warranty period is a certain period of time after the equipment is delivered, usually 12 months.

2. Parts warranty: Ensure that during the warranty period, equipment parts (such as motors, spindles, frames, etc.) can be replaced free of charge if they malfunction. Note: Only if the equipment fails when it is operating under normal conditions, it can be replaced free of charge. The specific implementation is in accordance with the contract.

3. Warranty scope: The specific scope of equipment warranty will be specified in the contract. If the failure is caused by misuse, accidental damage or unauthorized repair, it is not covered by the warranty.

4. After-sales extended services: Additional after-sales extended services can be provided, such as extended warranty period, extended parts warranty, extended maintenance services, etc. The details are specified in the contract according to the customer's needs.

5. Warranty conditions and exclusions: The warranty conditions and exclusions will be clearly stated. For example, a warranty may require the customer to use the equipment properly in accordance with the equipment's operating manual, perform regular maintenance and care, and avoid unauthorized modifications or repairs.

Shipping Info

Shipping Info

We are a professional mining crushing equipment manufacturing company with many years of industry experience and excellent manufacturing capabilities. As part of providing comprehensive solutions to our customers, we provide efficient and reliable mining equipment transportation services to ensure that your equipment reaches its destination safely.

No matter where your equipment needs to be shipped, we can provide comprehensive logistics support and transportation solutions. We have established close working relationships with global logistics partners to ensure that your equipment is professionally managed and protected throughout the entire transportation process. We are able to provide a variety of transportation modes and service types to meet the transportation needs of different types of equipment. We are familiar with a variety of transportation methods and will tailor the best transportation plan for you based on your specific requirements and equipment characteristics. We have an experienced team of professionals who have in-depth equipment knowledge and transportation experience and ensure that the equipment is properly packed, secured and protected during transportation.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service features and value propositions. We provide customized transportation solutions based on your needs and time requirements to ensure that the equipment reaches its destination on time. We provide real-time cargo tracking and monitoring systems to let you know the transportation status of your equipment at any time. We attach great importance to the safety and integrity of our cargo. We adopt strict safety measures and quality management systems to ensure that equipment is protected to the greatest extent during transportation.

If you have any questions about equipment shipping, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us by phone, email or by visiting our website. Our customer support team is here to provide you with efficient, friendly support and answers. We work with key clients across a wide range of industries and have successfully completed numerous equipment transport projects. They speak highly of our service, recognizing our professionalism, reliability and excellent customer experience.

BENO will meet your needs as much as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us now.