Sichuan BENO Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Sichuan BENO Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


  • How does the company ensure the quality and reliability of crushing equipment?

    Our company implements a strict quality control system, including full-process monitoring from raw material procurement to equipment manufacturing. We conduct multiple quality checks and tests to ensure our equipment meets international standards and customer requirements.

  • Does the company provide technical support and training services?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support and training services. Our professional technical team can provide customers with support in equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • How does the company ensure timely delivery of equipment?

    Our company has an efficient production and supply chain management system to ensure on-time delivery of equipment. We cooperate with reliable logistics partners and adopt reasonable project planning and progress control to ensure the accuracy of delivery time.

  • What does the company’s after-sales service include?

    We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, remote technical support, etc. Our after-sales team is always ready to respond to customer needs and ensure that customers receive timely support during the use of the equipment.

  • How does the company maintain technological innovation and product updates?

    Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation and product research and development. We cooperate with industry experts and research institutions to continuously promote the application of new technologies and product upgrades. We continuously improve and optimize our products through market research and customer feedback.

  • What are the company’s successful cases in the field of mining crushing equipment?

    Our company has a wealth of successful cases in the field of mining crushing equipment. We can provide customers with relevant reference cases and customer testimonials to demonstrate our successful experience and solutions in different mining projects.

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